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We try to make working with us as simple as possible

The complete package

Working with you to develop a project brief

Whether supporting your tender, partnering you in a new venture, or delivering your next sleeper factory, we first must work closely with you to understand the complete picture of your sleeper requirement. Our lead team understands the industry in granular detail and can advise on current technological advances and appropriate manufacturing styles to suit the project.

Designing the sleepers and the plant

We have a real understanding of the sleeper manufacturing industry, and have developed solutions that accommodate every kind of fastening, gauge and rail fastening (Pandrol, Vossloh, Stedef etc.). The scale of production in RMS factories is limited only by the production space available.

We design your entire sleeper production plant around state-of-the-art operating systems, with deep working knowledge of the world's leading manufacturers and technological advancements. The outcome of the design process is a system that will precisely meet your needs in terms of sleeper specification, quality, safety, sustainability, production output, installation timing and budget.

Manufacturing the plant

We have valuable relationships with a range of plant manufacturers, and work closely with them to build the correct configuration for your production needs. Our reputation has been built on the quality of our plant, so we choose our manufacturing partners with great care.


We work with you every step of the way through the preparation of the factory, assembly and installation of the plant, training your teams and testing every aspect of production until we are satisfied that your factory will perform as you need it to, and to exceed your expectations.

RMS have successfully supplied our company with a long line production system and moulds to cast B70 type sleepers. The moulds produce accurate to guage sleepers, and equipment supplied is to a high quality and accuracy.

Miran Klemar, Director, SGP POMGRAD-ABI, Slovenia